Lirik Lagu Pas Band - Here Forever + CHORD GITAR

Intro : Bm G A, Bm G A

Bm G D
Yesterday I was broken heart
A Bm
She came to me and she said
I can feeling your heart is breaking

Then we get to know each other
Keep hoping it will be alright
Trying to leave the past time

Bridge :
Am G A
Walk that road together
Am G A
And you share your dreams with me

Everyday and every night
I can’t escape from your face
Love can make the fire burning

Someday we will be together
And you are everything to me
Is this those calling a romance??

Reff :

Baby, I always here forever
Bm G A
. . . . heaven will be sunny
Baby, I always here forever
Bm G A
When you need me, my love will never die

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