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Lirik Lagu Danger Ranger - With You

Tonight I think about you girl
And I wake and I wake up in the middle of the night
You appear in my dream
And it feels so real
When I’m holding on your arms, oh
I’ll never let you go
I’m trying to fix this feeling
Till the end of my day
And I know that you’ll never know
That I’m here on your side
That I’m here being your guide

How could you got me crazy
Girl, how could you let me into your heart, ohh
And just let it go
Go on and let it go
I wish I could be honest when I’m there with you
I wish I started my life with you
Please just make it true
I’ll never let anyone make you sad
Though you, you thought me bad
And let me regret of you
You thought me bad and let me regret of you…

With you
Together we can make it true
With you
We got to believe though we’ll never know
With you…

I’ll pick you up
And take you all the night
Try to be your guard
Who makes you feel alright
Try to be your guard
Who makes you feel alright..